The Southeast Watershed Forum
& The Land Trust Alliance

The Partnership for Land and Water Protection is a mapping project between the Southeast Watershed Forum and the Land Trust Alliance to encourage greater regional cooperation and coordination among land trusts, watershed groups, state agency staff for aquatic habitat protection.  Click here for a flyer (pdf) about the project.

The need is critical as the Southeastern region is the center of aquatic biodiversity for North America. Unprecedented pressures from growth, development and urban sprawl are changing land use patterns and threatening water quality and aquatic habitat throughout our region.

The Partnership for Land and Water Protection has six goals:
1. Encourage more habitat protection & collaborative planning/management
2. Improve the overall management of public & private lands by coordinating activities among groups involved in land protection
3. Encourage communities to protect habitat as part of comprehensive plans
4. Build public support for habitat protection
5. Provide a baseline to measure growth or reduction in efforts over time
6. Provide a source of land/habitat protection data as a regional model

To date, the Partnership has surveyed more than 100 southeastern land trusts and watershed organizations and mapped 227,620 acres of protected land over 8 states, 726 miles of protected streams over 7 states. 

Several images have been created by using this data and combining it with other public data on water and land protection:

Map #1: State Wildlife Action Plan (SWAP) overlay applied with the Tennessee protected lands data. 

This type of image will be helpful in identifying future partners for protection.
Most of the Cumberland Plateau has been identified as being a critical area of the Tennessee SWAP.

Map #2 The overlay of impaired streams (305b listed streams) on the Georgia map.

This image shows the value of viewing protected lands through the lens of water quality data.
There is a strong correlation between protected lands and high quality water.

Data is still being collected and all data will eventually be available interactively through this website. 

If you are a watershed or land trust organization that has not yet completed a survey for the Partnership for Land and Water Protection, please contact the Southeast Watershed Forum at 615-627-1310 or