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Natural Resource Management : Mining   

Acid Mine Drainage Reclamation: A Watershed Approach
Acid mine drainage (AMD) coming from abandoned mine lands has become a major priority for many individuals, communities, and resource management agencies in the Appalachian region. Sovern Run is a small tributary of Big Sandy Creek, which flows into the Cheat River, encounters large amounts of surface runoff from nearby surface mines and farms, and receives the discharge from several small deep mines.  Sovern Run #62 is a collapsed mine portal located approximately 1 mile from the headwaters of the stream.  A passive AMD treatment system was installed to treat acidic water discharging from this abandoned underground mine.  This project is managed from a watershed level by Friends of the Cheat whose mission it is to restore, preserve, and promote the natural qualities of the Cheat River watershed.

Coal Creek Watershed Foundation, Inc. (CCWF)

National Pilot Project: Watershed AMD Rehabilitation

On February 21, 1991, Governor Gaston Caperton, along with state and federal officials signed a memorandum of understanding (MOU) to create a national demonstration project for the rehabilitation of the Middle Fork River watershed.  The officials agreed to cooperate and coordinate efforts to address nonpoint source water pollution from acid drainage and accelerate the development of acid mine drainage reclamation efforts in the watershed.  This is the country's first multi-agency, multi-program, integrated abatement approach to deal with acid mine drainage.  Interest in this coordinated watershed approach was initiated by the 1987 re-authorization of the federal Clean Water Act, which placed added emphasis on the control of nonpoint source of water pollution.

North Chickamauga Creek Acid Mine Reclamation

The initiative to protect and restore the water quality of North Chickamauga Creek is being pursued through both a public and private partnership effort that involves federal, state, and local governmental agencies, nonprofit organizations, landowners, and local citizens.  The objectives of this project were to: 1) improve water quality in the upper 18 miles of North Chickamauga Creek; 2) demonstrate the best available technology in design and construction of passive treatment systems for acid mine drainage; and 3) promote public understanding and awareness of the problem of acid mine drainage and the technology available for addressing this problem.

Pleasant View Mine Reclamation Project
In February 1998, the Kentucky Division of Abandoned Mine Lands (DAML) began the Pleasant View Reclamation project, located in the Western Kentucky Coal Field near Madisonville, Kentucky in Hopkins County.  The project site consisted of approximately 250 acres of strip mined land containing a 60 foot deep, 32 acre drainage impoundment of highly acidic water, and was used as a waste area for refuse from nearby underground mines and washer plants.  The objective of the project was to treat and release the water in the impoundment, bury the acid waste, cover it with soil material, and finally revegetate.

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