Southeast Watershed Assistance Network: A Clearinghouse for Land and Water Protection Resources

Learn new strategies for habitat conservation, sustainable agriculture and more. Share ideas with land trusts, resource management agencies and others on how to better conserve our natural resources.
New! Land Trust of Hunstville & North AL Protects 69 Acres 

Build up your resources of codes and ordinances, case studies and best management practices for how to protect your watershed and better manage your community’s stormwater. 
New! Wetland Factsheets
New! Report on Carbon Effects and Water Savings 

Discover how developing communities in the Southeast are increasing their economic base while preserving water quality and open space. Experience new strategies for low impact design, urban renewal and growth readiness that you can apply to your own community. 
Report: New Report on Link Between Growth and Climate Change

Gain a better understanding about the connection between sustainable building and water quality. Search for new building products and techniques that make less of an impact on our environment and visit the Building Outside the Box program to see real life examples of how they’re being used.
"The Value of Shade" Report on urban trees and energy use.

2012: Green Building Community Case Studies and Green Building Report (click here for free PDF downloads of all reports).

Develop your own skills and learn from other conservation professionals. Find tools and resources for bringing land and water quality education to your local officials and community leaders.
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News & Events

Kershaw County, SC is a national model for river protection
From American Rivers: Kershaw County, SC is taking bold steps to protect its clean water with their new package of zoning rules a model for other counties nationwide. 
Congress Crafts Streetscaping Resolution

From Smart Growth Online: Congressman Steve Cohen (TN) has introduced H.Con.Res. 240, a resolution designating the fourth week of April as National Streetscaping Week. The measure recognizes the benefits of streetscaping to homes, businesses, and communities across the country. ASLA worked with Rep. Cohen on crafting this legislation that highlights the myriad of benefits of streetscaping, including: creating local green jobs; helping reduce energy costs for consumers; managing stormwater; reducing air pollution by sequestering harmful carbon emissions, creating safer streets and neighborhoods through traffic calming designs, and a host of other benefits.

NOAA Project to Help Gulf of Mexico Communities with Climate Change
Natural Infrastructure

According to studies by The Nature expanding communities will further stress water Conservancy and World Wildlife Fund, the Tennessee and Cumberland River Basins have the highest number of fish, mussels and crayfish species and the highest number of endemic species in North America. Endemic means that they have adapted to a unique environment and are found no where else on earth. Together with the Mobile River Basin, these freshwater resources are among the most species-rich, temperate ecosystems in the world! They are to the temperate regions, what the rain forest is to the tropics. Using just one southeastern river as comparison, the chart below illustrates the number of native fish in the Conasauga River of Georgia, versus other major river basins in the country.


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